About us

The «FORMFREUD®» brand goes back to Natalie and Matthias Hoegger, who had founded their company N.+M. Hoegger GbR based in Potdam (Germany) in 2011. They started to produce lovely designed wooden toys under the brand name «FORMFREUD – Manufacture of Wooden Toys». Unfortunately Natalie and Matthias stopped all activities in their company in 2015 due to professional and family reasons and so «FORMFREUD» became silent for a few months…

In 2016 Franziska Raeber-Weigel, Roger Raeber and Eva Vogelsanger came together to found the company FORMFREUD GmbH in Winterthur (Switzerland) and to take over the brand «FORMFREUD®» from Natalie and Matthias and so they started the revival of those wonderful wooden toys. Natalie and Matthias are not among the owners of the new company. However, they are still connected to the new company and provide support in developing new toys.



…is mom of a little daughter. She likes toys that are manufactured under fair conditions and using sustainable materials. She greatly loves to travel but she loves coming home at least as much!

At FORMFREUD she is responsible for marketing, sales and order processing and for carefully packaging the ordered toys.



…was kid in times when toys were still made of wood and metal and almost lasted a life time. He enjoys the beautiful things in life and likes to try new things.

At FORMFREUD he is responsible for the development and manufacturing of the toys and for finance. Of course, he is assisting with packaging and shipping orders.



…is mom of two teenagers and is therefore very skilled in keeping multiple balls in the air. She loves kids and knows how to surprise them.

At FORMFREUD she is the all-purpose wildcard and steps into the breach whenever needed.